Apollo Lee 52 Tracks in 52 Weeks

Squalid Euphoria in a Petri Dish

Title: Apollo Lee – Squalid Euphoria in a Petri Dish
Date: August 14, 2011
Software: Ableton Suite 8, Reason 5
Genre: House
Timing: 6:41 @ 127 bpm

Squalid Euphoria in a Petri Dish starts out with a scratchy stab over a four-on-the-floor drum line. A resonated chord pattern rolls in to play along, joined shortly by a filthy distorted bassline. Contrasting filtered stab chords bounce around and bring the track together through the ebb and flow of sweeping buildups.

I started this track last weekend, when demonstrating some Ableton techniques to some out-of-town visitors. Tonight, I got the sound in my head, mixed it down, and contemplated an arrangement. After a couple of false starts, I played this version on a balcony in San Francisco as the sun set.

I really hope you enjoy this tune.

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