Apollo Lee 52 Tracks in 52 Weeks

Gyrating Continuum

Title: Apollo Lee – Gyrating Continuum
Date: August 25, 2011
Software: Ableton Suite 8
Genre: House
Timing: 6:38 @ 128 bpm

Gyrating Continuum is a quick and dirty journey that capped off a tough Thursday. Here, we’ve got a meaty, rumbly bassline, comprised of two bass instruments, one of which plays a crazy syncopated three-against-sixteen pattern. A staccato stab joins the fray in short order, punching a counter rhythm in E minor, and an arpeggiated chord fluttering around in the background.

After the first build, a big strong lead comes in, coopts our arpeggio as an echo, before learning more patience toward the end. After our big breakdown, we’re joined by a quirky rhythmic synthesizer with all kinds of crazy odds and ends in in.

I had a lot of fun making this tune. I hope you like it.

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