Apollo Lee 52 Tracks in 52 Weeks

Analog Dragons

Title: Apollo Lee – Analog Dragons
Date: September 22, 2011
Software: Ableton Suite 8
Genre: House
Timing: 6:50 @ 124 bpm

Analog Dragons breathes fire into the end of summer, celebrating the warmest days of the year after a cool season that almost seemed like spring had been extended to fall. This jaunty little tune started out at a much higher tempo, but felt very rushed.

A syncopated bouncing high snare line, filtered to smithereens, jumps right in after a slightly awry hi-hat and lower snare. A plucky chord drips from somewhere. The metallic melody rings through the opening, joined by a longer pulsing organ-like chord. A bouncing rhythm highlights the root and ninth, all over a double-headed bassline, breathing fire from below.

Most of the sounds I’m using here were sampled from analog synthesizers from the 1980s and early 1990s. We’re in G minor here. It feels really nice at 124 beats per minute. I hope you like it.

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