Apollo Lee 52 Tracks in 52 Weeks


Title: Apollo Lee – Adrift
Date: January 21, 2008
Software: Logic Pro 8
Genre: Ambient
Timing: 7:00 @ 40 bpm

What I Like About It

  1. I’m experimenting with different chord structures.
  2. The ethereal quality of the chords is gorgeous and evocative.
  3. When I played this, it didn’t feel like it took up seven minutes. It also felt like it took all night. It was very relaxing.

What I Don’t Like About It

  1. Almost all of the notes are confined to a note spread of less than two octaves.
  2. The mix is really hot. It feels a little bit loud to me.

Note: These are rough drafts. Constructive criticism is welcomed, of course.

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