Apollo Lee 52 Tracks in 52 Weeks


At Long Last

Title: Apollo Lee – At Long Last (Winter 2021 Edit) Date: February 10, 2020 (This edit: January 29, 2021) Tools: Korg Electribe 2, Ableton Suite 10 Genre: House Timing: 4:22 @ 120 bpm In January 2020, I took part in a five-week live electronic music production / performance seminar presented by Sunshine Jones called the […]

Pushing Forward

Title: Apollo Lee – Pushing Forward Date: January 30, 2015 Software: Ableton Suite 9 Genre: House Timing: 6:51 @ 124 bpm According to my calendar, it has been 876 days since Statio Tranquilitatis was released. If you’re keeping track, that’s two years, four months, and twenty-four days. One of my plans for this new year […]

Remembering Wona

Title: Apollo Lee – Remembering Wona Dedication: Michael Jon “Wona” Warner (July 10, 1973 – June 29, 2014) Date: June 30, 2014 Genre: House Timing: 2:40:42 @ 120 bpm Remembering Wona: In loving memory of Mike Wona Warner, a beautiful soul made of positivity. In gratitude for the gift of your friendship, I dedicate this […]

Circuits Over Rubber

Title: Apollo Lee – Circuits Over Rubber Date: May 31, 2012 Software: Ableton Suite 8, FAW Circle, TAL U-No-60 Genre: House Timing: 7:06 @ 124 bpm Circuits Over Rubber feels like a good steady distance run on a rubber track with perfect white stripes on a warm summer evening, pushing a pace that makes you […]

Bouncy Peanuts

Title: Apollo Lee – Bouncy Peanuts Date: April 30, 2012 Software: Ableton Suite 8 Genre: House Timing: 6:44 @ 126 bpm Bouncy Peanuts jumps around A minor chords with a few playfully splashy instruments over a rumbling bass line. Marimbaa arpeggios and shimmering echoing stabs ricochet around while big meaty, subby kick punches the floor. […]

Unexpected Scenario

Title: Apollo Lee – Unexpected Scenario Date: March 30, 2012 Software: Ableton Suite 8 Genre: House Timing: 6:44 @ 126 bpm Unexpected Scenario let me play around with a few effects units I usually leave alone, like Beat Repeat and multiband dynamics. The glitchy stuttery way the Beat Repeat ricochets off the stabs, melody, and […]

Pellucid Concinnity

Title: Apollo Lee – Pellucid Concinnity Date: February 29, 2012 Software: Ableton Suite 8 Genre: House Timing: 6:47 @ 125 bpm Pellucid Concinnity concludes a stop-and-start month with a groove that ended up feeling a little darker and more spaced out. I started a few other tracks this month, none of which gelled like this […]

Purple Lunatic

Title: Apollo Lee – Purple Lunatic Date: January 30, 2012 Software: Ableton Suite 8 Genre: House Timing: 6:38 @ 128 bpm Purple Lunatic opens 2012 with a simple tech house track in which a few stabs, a couple of bass lines, and a trimmed down drum kit build a groove without too much clutter. Two […]

Electric Reverie

Title: Apollo Lee – Electric Reverie Date: December 29, 2011 Software: Ableton Suite 8 Genre: House Timing: 6:36 @ 128 bpm Electric Reverie closes a challenging year by taking us into a daydream about the future. Multiple chorded rhythms pulse along over a heartbeat bass line. A bouncing lead comes out of the sky in […]

Rings of Endeavor

Title: Apollo Lee – Rings of Endeavor Date: November 11, 2011 Software: Ableton Suite 8 Genre: House Timing: 7:08 @ 121 bpm Rings of Endeavor celebrates binary day with a nice mellow groove. We start with a dance around the minor seventh stabs, joined by the drum line and an off-beat bass line. This track […]

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