Apollo Lee 52 Tracks in 52 Weeks

Unexpected Scenario

Title: Apollo Lee – Unexpected Scenario
Date: March 30, 2012
Software: Ableton Suite 8
Genre: House
Timing: 6:44 @ 126 bpm

Unexpected Scenario let me play around with a few effects units I usually leave alone, like Beat Repeat and multiband dynamics. The glitchy stuttery way the Beat Repeat ricochets off the stabs, melody, and arpeggios adds a little urgency to the track. The multiband dynamics on the bass instruments beef up the sound a little more than I’d anticipated.

We’re in D minor this time. A few chords wander off the beaten path, especially on the high stabs, but not startlingly so. A fast arpeggiated chord wobbles up top after the first break down, counterbalancing a high melody with a bit of frantic twitch.

Now to see how this sounds in the mix.

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