Apollo Lee 52 Tracks in 52 Weeks


Title: Apollo Lee – Nematic
Date: February 2, 2008
Software: Logic Pro 8
Genre: Ambient
Timing: 6:24 @ 40 bpm

What I Like About It

  1. I’m using my Oxygen 8 and playing in a two octave range, using the scale of A melodic minor (A B C D E F# G# A).
  2. The instrument is ominous and abstract. It has gorgeous overtones, morphs, and a rich aftertouch.
  3. The melodic minor harmony lends to some lush dissonances.
  4. The mood is very detached and haunting.

What I Don’t Like About It

  1. The whole piece feels like a much smaller number of morphing chords than it is.
  2. At high volume, some of the higher overtones are a little bit piercing.
  3. I wanted to use the modulation wheel more, but I couldn’t reach it while holding down a four or five part chord.
  4. On good monitors, the mix is probably hot enough to flutter the woofers, even though the channel mix is at -10 dB.

Note: These are rough drafts. Constructive criticism is welcomed, of course.

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